Deep knowledge in international logistics operations improved with the incorporation of the Isotanks fleet used in the transportation and handling of liquid bulk, as well as a service platform for highly qualified personnel.
Rigtank Global is a Panamanian logistics company, founded in 2016, which owns the fleet of isotanks used in the movement of chemical and petrochemical liquids in general, and specialties as pharmaceutical and food grades.

Customers find in the company special projects with supply chain management services and tank rental.
The target audience is especially industries in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors, headquartered in several countries.

The professionals, who work at Rigtank Global and its international agents, are qualified and knowledgeable of the nuances of each of the countries in which they operate, bringing to customers the best cost, time and always pursuing the rationality of the operation.

More than customer satisfaction, Rigtank Global is committed to social and environmental responsibility. One of the premises of the company is to keep up to date its registrations in environmental agencies and to comply with the mandatory regulations for the execution of the rendering of its services.